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Questions About the Show

For which years is the performance most suitable?+

The performance is suitable for all primary and infant children. The interactive nature of the performance allows Aunty Peach to use her skills and experience to deliver the show in a way that fully involves all members of the audience, regardless of age or mix of ages. The performance ties in with the curriculum across all stages. For the younger ones it is reinforcing rhyming and languages skills. For the middle stage children the show supports classroom studies of Roald Dahl. For the senior students it consolidates and expands on their appreciation of Roald Dahl, the twisted fairytale genre and creative writing in general. Students across all stages will broaden their experience and understanding of drama and performance through this presentation.      

Is the performance interactive?+

The show is highly interactive throughout giving the students plenty of opportunities to engage and interact with Aunty Peach and each other. They are given useful presentation and performance tips for using their voices, their faces and bodies. While there is plenty of audience participation throughout the show, Aunty Peach always skilfully maintains control of the performance ensuring the students receive maximum benefit from the experience.

Ours is a multicultural school with many ‘new-arrival’ students. Will our students understand/benefit from the show?+

The multicultural aspect of many Australian schools was taken into account when the show was designed. All dialogue is accompanied by appropriate body language and visual clues to maximise understanding for children new to English.

We also find Aunty Peach’s physical humour and of course the magic tricks, keep all children engaged and excited no matter what their cultural backgrounds are.

Is the show the same for the infants and the primary students?+

The typical show audience is a mixture of children from both infants and primary and the show works very well for all the children attending.

On the occasion when the audience is infants only Aunty Peach can perform a slightly shorter version of the show to match the attention span of young children.

Is the ‘Aunty Peach’ we see on the website the same ‘Aunty Peach’ who will perform at our school?+

Yes! There is definitely only one Aunty Peach! So when you book ‘The Aunty Peach Show’, you will have a performer at your school who has been working and perfecting the craft of performance for many years.

In some instances, Roald Dahl’s language may be inappropriate for schools. Has this ever been an issue with this show?+

The performance does not contain any potentially offensive language or content. It has been equally well received in public schools, private schools, international schools and religious schools. The show is specifically designed to be performed in the school environment. Special care has been taken to ensure that the show promotes positive behaviour and positive attitudes at all times.

Questions About Hosting a Show at Your School

Do we need to provide anything for the performance?+

All you need to provide is a place to perform the show, a chair and a P.A. system. Aunty Peach will bring everything else she needs, including her own wireless microphone.

Do we need to take the students to the theatre or does the performance come to our school?+

Aunty Peach performs the show as an incursion at your school. This means that there is no extra cost or time for you for buses, etc.

Do we need to have a stage to hold the performance at our school?+

A stage is not necessary because the show has been designed to be adaptable to any school situation. It can be performed indoors or outdoors, with or without a stage. Please contact us to discuss your specific situation. Simply request this in the “comments” section of the online booking form or call on 0448 599 448.

Do we need to pay a deposit?+

No deposit is required prior to show. Our system is to invoice the school a day or two after the performance.

Can we have all years together in one performance?+

With her level of skill and experience Aunty Peach has a knack for getting all the students, from kindergarten to seniors, actively involved and engaged in the show.

“Prior to the show, I was a little concerned how, being a one-person-show, Aunty Peach would hold the attention of all the students… I needn’t have worried… they were all (preps to year 6) thoroughly engaged and entertained throughout the full hour of the show.”

Rosemary Paparella, Teacher, Our Lady of Mt Carmel School, Perth, WA

Ours is a small school. How can we see the show?+

Research shows that children benefit on many levels, both academically and personally, from experiencing live theatrical performance as part of their education, so we will do whatever we can to ensure, where possible, all students are given this opportunity.

Please don’t hesitate to call us, call on 0448 599 448, to discuss your particular circumstances.

Ours is a large school, should we have everyone in one show or will we need multiple shows?+

The answer to this is that school sizes of up to 300 students work best as one show. However, if your school is larger than 300 then more than one show would be needed. We are happy to give you guidance on your specific situation. Simply request this in the “comments” section of the online booking form or call on 0448 599 448.

Is there anything we need to do to prepare the students for the performance?+

No. Some may already be familiar with the twisted fairytales and some may not. The show works equally well either way.




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