This interactive, story-telling performance for Prep/K –Y6 provides students with a fun-filled learning experience that supports:-


  • reading, talking and listening strands.
  • thinking imaginatively and creatively.
  • rhyming and poetry appreciation.
  • an understanding of the twisted fairytale genre.
  • studies of Roald Dahl and his works.
  • students’ own creative writing.


  • an appreciation of live performance.
  • vocal development – projection, articulation, creative expression.
  • understanding of theatrical stage terminology.
  • studies of costuming and props.

+Visual Arts

  • visual design through theatrical costumes and props.

+Personal Development

  • building self esteem and confidence through performance and body awareness exercises.
  • personal growth through new and varied experiences.

Based around Roald Dahl’s humorous, and ever-popular, twisted fairytales, this performance is children’s entertainment at its best!

Along with her animated story-telling and startling magic tricks, Aunty Peach also offers the students many useful, practical tips for drama and classroom presentations.

The show highlights that simple props, facial expression and the voice are effective tools for engaging an audience.

This performance guarantees to keep all the students on the edge of their seats.

A truly memorable and valuable experience for your students!